Who We Are

KiraliT (pronounce « kirality« ) is an advisory firm incorporated in Paris and founded by Dr Estelle Brack in 2019.

25 years of experience in the banking and financial sector, with global and C-level understanding & expertise of evolutions of the ecosystem. From macro to micro issues.

We either work in French or English.

What We Do

We focus on banking & financial services, including payments and new forms of money.

We provide strategic advisory services to firms established in Europe, Africa and Americas.

Intelligence & Ethics

We help corporates to:

– Understand their Economic Environment and its Perspectives
Transform, Scale-up & Develop their business
– Establish new activities in Europe or Africa for financial services
– Be ready to raise external funds

We also provide training and economic research dedicated to banking and financial services, including financial education & literacy

Our Ambition

Empower corporates & entrepreneurs to scale their business ethically
Create a glocal ecosystem to open access to capital for entrepreneurs across the African continent
Underscore the value of diversity in entrepreneurship as a significant economic growth engine

How We Work

We promote smart and innovative solutions, convinced that every problem has a simple and efficient solution.

We often collaborate with other experts and advisory firms to contribute to larger projects.


Corporates & Institutions

Media & Conferences


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